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Safety first high quality aluminum bar casting system


Product description

Crosscut shear

The crosscutting shear is used to cut the head and tail of the strip steel. A crosscutting shear is set before shearing butt welding, which makes the cutting and transportation of the head and tail of the strip steel very convenient. When the shape of the tail of the strip head is irregular, the cross cutting shear is needed to reduce the subsequent docking time. After the strip reaches the crosscutting shear, two pinch rolls installed at the entrance side are used for positioning, and stop at the head of the crosscutting shear. After the cutting, the upper shear blade retracts upward and the strip passes through. The cut strip steel falls on the lower scrap trolley head and tail, and is pulled out and hoisted horizontally under the traction of power.

Shear butt welding system Pinch leveler

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