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position:Russian translation

Professional needs:

1. Accept the translation task assigned by superior leaders, organize the data of related projects in Russian area of the company, collect and learn professional knowledge and information

2. Assist other departments to complete the required translation between Chinese and Russian

3. If appropriate, they can be sent to Russian regions to participate in business development and project implementation;

4. Be able to translate, reply and file company contracts and agreements independently;

5. Bachelor degree or above in Russian related major, with solid foundation in grammar, able to complete the task of Chinese Russian translation assigned by the company, fresh graduates are preferred.

6. Have a good sense of teamwork, have the experience of studying abroad or exchange in Russian speaking countries, have relevant work experience, preferred.

7. Work conscientiously and responsibly, have strong subjective initiative, strong executive ability and learning ability, have good communication ability and problem-solving ability. Be able to accept the company culture and grow with the company for a long time!

8. Have good ability of text expression, communication and coordination, and can skillfully operate and apply office software such as windows, word and excel.


Resume sent to hr@wuxishuangyou.com

position:Programming, mold technology administrator

Professional requirements: 1. Have many years of CNC working experience; 2. Have many years of mold production experience; 3. Master 3D graphics (PROE, UG, solid works, etc.) and mold technology; 4. College degree or above; 5. Recruit professional and technical college and university graduates.


Resume sent to hr@wuxishuangyou.com

position:Machining workshop: CNC equipment operators, CNC lathe operators, ordinary lathe operators

Professional requirements: 1. Application of numerical control technology (proficient in frank or Siemens operating system); 2. Many years of working experience in operating various types of machining centers or numerical control equipment; 3. Independent completion of simple numerical control programming; 4. Obedience to leadership arrangements and sense of responsibility; 5. Pragmatic, hardworking, good at hands-on, modest, studious and enterprising; 6. Recruitment of professional talents This year's graduate of numerical control major of technical college.


Resume sent to hr@wuxishuangyou.com

position:Manufacturing workshop: riveter, welder

Professional requirements: 1. Be able to understand the assembly welding drawings and use a variety of welding and cutting tools; 2. Be proficient in the application of welding technology (including welding process and independent inspection); 3. Have welding production experience of large mechanical equipment; 4. Be proficient in welding methods (gas shielded welding, argon arc welding, electric arc welding and submerged arc welding); 5. Have good adaptability to the working environment, be pragmatic and willing to work hard Hardworking, modest, studious, good enterprising spirit, unity and cooperation, good team spirit.


Resume sent to hr@wuxishuangyou.com

position:Assembly workshop: mechanic, driller, fitter

Professional requirements: 1. Be able to understand the equipment assembly drawings; 2. Have the ability to complete the work assigned by the leader independently, and some equipment installation and debugging need to go abroad; 3. Have rich experience in standard or non-standard precision machinery installation, repair, maintenance, etc. 4. Have a good ability of installation and debugging for large and heavy machinery; 5. Have a good ability of repairing and grinding for molds and mechanical parts; 6. Have a certain sense of responsibility for daily maintenance of tools. 7. Have a good adaptability to the working environment, be able to bear hardships and stand hard work, have a good sense of teamwork, and have a high quality and sense of responsibility.


Resume sent to hr@wuxishuangyou.com

position:mechanical engineer

Professional requirements: 1. Have a higher level of mechanical manufacturing and mechanical design; 2. Have been engaged in the production and design of non-standard equipment and its parts; 3. Be proficient in the use of mechanical manual standards and related design software; 4. Be able to independently complete the design task, have the ability to lead the design team and the sense of responsibility for on-site installation guidance; 5. Require more than 3 years of working experience in mechanical design; 6. Education background Bachelor degree or above (with professional title qualification certificate or personal technical achievements, depending on the actual situation); 7. Good adaptability to the working environment, sense of responsibility, good communication skills, good at thinking, modest and studious, good enterprising spirit, unity and cooperation, good team spirit.


Resume sent to hr@wuxishuangyou.com

position:Quality inspector

Professional requirements: 1. Have many years of experience in mechanical product inspection; 2. Be familiar with the relevant national standards of mechanical products, the use, debugging and maintenance of laboratory instruments (be able to skillfully use the three coordinate detector); 3. Comprehensively control the quality of the company's raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products to ensure that the quality inspection work is carried out in an accurate, efficient, scientific and orderly manner; 4 Complete the inspection records and complete the factory data; 5. College degree or above is required. 6. Good adaptability to the working environment, good communication skills, good at thinking, strong hands-on ability and good health;


Resume sent to hr@wuxishuangyou.com

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