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More safe and Higher Quality Aluminum Casting System


Aluminum bar casting system

发布时间:2021-01-20 14:36:23

Aluminum has special chemical and physical properties. It is not only widely used in construction, transportation, electric power, packaging and other fields of national economy, but also an important supporting material for automobile and aviation parts. At the same time, aluminum has good recycling performance, so it plays an important role in the process of developing circular economy, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and protecting the ecological environment. In recent years, the world's demand for high-end aluminum and aluminum alloys is increasing.

Shuangyou is committed to providing high-end aluminum industry with more efficient, energy-saving, environment-friendly and safe aluminum casting production line and related equipment. Shuangyou aluminum bar casting system adopts high-efficiency and advanced negative pressure casting technology, with degassing box, mobile die plate and safe and reliable electric control system, which provides strong equipment guarantee for customers to produce high-quality aluminum products.

Products and features

1. Chute

·Adjustable customized chute system

·Tray mode is adopted to effectively digest thermal expansion

·High quality thermal insulation material with low thermal conductivity

2. Emptying degassing box

·Using negative pressure technology, the degassing efficiency is high

·Small floor area, simple installation, simple operation and low operation cost

·Suitable for all kinds of aluminum alloy

3. Casting mould plate

·It can be used to produce high quality aluminum bar with diameter of 127mm ~ 520mm.

·The production range covers the whole category of 1-9 series aluminum alloy

·Mobile flip design, easy to maintain

4. Double graphite ring mold

·Unique double graphite ring design, more conducive to oil and gas regulation

·Easy disassembly and maintenance

·The surface quality of finished aluminum bar is high and stable

5. Electric control system

·The interface is simple and easy to operate

·High degree of automation control

·Perfect emergency start-up procedure to prevent misoperation and improve safety

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