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Safe and High-quality Aluminum Billet Casting System


Negative Pressure Casting (NPC) System for Aluminum Billets

Aluminum has special chemical and physical properties. It is not only widely used in construction, transportation, electric power, packaging and other fields of national economy, but also an important supporting material for automobile and aviation parts. At the same time, aluminum has good recycling performance, so it plays an important role in the process of developing circular economy, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and protecting the ecological environment. In recent years, the world's demand for high-end aluminum and aluminum alloys is increasing.

Starting from the year 2019, SunYo is committed to develop the technology of Negative Pressure Casting (NPC) technology for aluminum billets. It provides customers with high-quality and safe casting equipment for aluminum billets.


Scope of Application and Advantages

1. Scope of Application

· It can cast soft and hard aluminum alloys with a diameter range of 152mm–520mm.

· It is suitable for casting aluminum alloys of 1xxx–9xxx series.

2. Advantages

· The crystallization height (the distance between primary cooling and secondary cooling) can be adjusted to obtain the most uniform grain structure.

· The surface of aluminum billets is smooth, and the segregation layer is extremely thin or there is even no segregation.

· By using the principle of siphon, it actively isolates a large amount of aluminum leakage into the cast well, so it is very safe.

· The vacuum environment isolates a large area of liquid aluminum from contacting with the outside air, so the hydrogen content can be controlled to very low.

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