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Become the Leader of Global Pipe-making Equipment and Aluminum Casting Equipment Suppliers

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SunYo was founded in 1994. It focuses on designing and producing pipe manufacturing equipment and high-end aluminum casting equipment. It is one of the top suppliers in China.

SunYo supplies SAWL pipe mill, ERW pipe mill, SAWH pipe mill, Casing pipe mill, Internal & external pipe coating mill, Steel pipe heat treatment mill, casting equipment for aluminum billets and their spare parts. Starting from the year 2019, SunYo is committed to develop the technology of Negative Pressure Casting (NPC) technology for aluminum billets. It provides customers with high-quality and safe casting equipment for aluminum billets.

SunYo’s new production plant was put into use in the March of 2016. Total of 40600 ㎡. The maximum lifting capacity of the new machining workshop and assembly workshop reaches 400 tons.

SunYo is expanding the market worldwide by relying on advanced production equipment, excellent design, strict quality control, and unique geographical advantage. We are looking forward to cooperators from all over the world.

  • Core

    Honesty, innovation, harmony and

    Never be satisfied
    Always pursue excellence
    Vision Become the leader of global pipe-making
    equipment suppliers
    Mission To offer excellent products and
    service to global pipe manufacturer

    Mission, responsibility, team work,
    dedication and innovation

    Always be meticulous
    Beyond customers' expectation

  • Sstyle
    of work
         Quick response, immediate action, pursuit of perfection
    If you want to do it, you will find a way Do not want to do, will find a reasonAttitude determines the future
    Staff culture Sense of mission, sense of responsibility, team spirit, dedication, innovation spirit Employee pursuit New career, new friends, new environment, new knowledge and new life
    Rule by law, rule by reason and rule by emotion


    Care, loyalty and modesty
    Concentration, patience and reassurance
  • Installation and Commission

    Good operation of mechanical equipment plays an important role to ensure customers gain competitive advantages and realize business value. SunYo’s service scope covers equipment manufacture, installation and commission, performance testing, etc.
  • Production Support

    SunYo's experts provides on-site production support for customers. They will discover and solve all equipment faults which can lead to high cost to customers, and in further to make sure customers get stable production.
  • Spare Parts Service

    Every spare part supplied by SunYo is carefully produced for corresponding equipment. Tha's one important reason why SunYo's equipment could keep its value for a very long term.
  • Equipment Inspection

    SunYo keeps detecting potential possibility of mill upgrading by application of modern equipment and precise measurement method. Also, to inspect the mill termly could effectively prevent the failure of the mill.
  • Equipment Upgrading

    SunYo’s spirit of innovation gives potential possibility to products’ upgrading. Even those old mill, which has been used for a lot of years, could be upgraded to brand-new.
  • Equipment Maintenance

    Service experts of SunYo could offer customized equipment maintenance proposal according to different requirements from customers. The scope of service includes individual maintenance for equipment and comprehensive maintenance for mill.
  • Advanced and New Technology Organization

    Certificate of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System

  • Science and Technology Award of Chinese Machinery Industry

    Private Technology Organization of Jiangsu Province

  • Small and Medium-sized Technology Company of Jiangsu Province

    Member of Chinese Science and Technology Association

  • First Heavy Equipment of the Corresponding Industry in Jiangsu Province

    Pioneer Organization of Integration of Informatization and Industrialization in Jiangsu Province

  • Implementation Certificate of Credit Management Standards in Jiangsu Province

    Science and Technology Research and Development Institute of Wuxi City

  • Technology Center of Wuxi Organizations

    Top 10 Science and Technology Advancement Organizations of Binhu District

  • 1994

    The company was founded in WUXI by Mr. Zhang Jianjun.
  • 2003

    The company stepped into the pipe manufacture industry, and produce pipe handling equipment.
  • 2007

    SunYo successfully developed the dies for welding pipe forming and finishing.
  • 2008

    SunYo successfully developed the manufactured equipment for Spiral Sub-merged Arc Welding pipes.
  • 2009

    SunYo products were exported to the international market for the first time.
  • 2013

    SunYo designed and manufactured equipment Longitudinal Sub-merged Arc Welding pipes.
  • 2016

    SunYo's first internal and external pipe coating production line in Nigeria
  • 2018

    SunYo supplied the first casting pipe production line abroad.
  • 2020

    SunYo’s products have been exported Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America.

SunYo designs and provides innovative top-quality plant solutions that help customers achieve a competitive advantage in their market. Our excellent design guarantees its customers could fully use their existing plants' space or invest new plants with least fund. Also, we have a seasoned Production team and a meticulous Quality Inspection team, so that the longest service life of its products could be assured. SunYo provides not only high-quality products, but also good service. Any time when customers meet problems with their equipment, we will dispatch its professional after sale team to solve customers' problems in time. Also, we promise to deliver spare parts to its customers within the shortest time, to guarantee customers'uninterrupted production.

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