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2020 Dusseldorf international pipe show

发布时间:2020-02-14 11:10:43




From December 7 to December 11, 2020, tube & wire is sponsored by Dusseldorf exhibition company. It has been held every two years since 1986. It has a history of more than 30 years. The exhibition has a large scale, strong professionalism and wide coverage. It is an influential exhibition in the field of international steel pipe and wire. More than 1200 exhibitors will attend this year, and the number of visitors is expected to reach 31000. This exhibition is the second time for double friends to be exhibitors. We will be waiting for you at 6e02 Pavilion.

Time: December 7, 2020 ~ December 11, 2020

Venue: Dusseldorf

Location: 6e02

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