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Position:Quality inspector

1.Experienced in mechanical product inspection;

2.Familiar with relevant national standards for mechanical products, familiar with the use, debugging and maintenance of laboratory instruments (proficient in using CMM);

3.Comprehensively check the quality of the company's raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, to ensure the quality inspection work, accurate, efficient, scientific and orderly development;

4.Established a complete inspection record, sorted out and improved the product delivery data;

5.College degree or above is required;

6.Good adaptability to the working environment, good communication skills, good thinking and practical ability, good health.


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Position:Mechanical Engineer

1.Proficient in machinery manufacturing and mechanical design;

2.Engaged in the production and design of non-standard equipment;

3.Proficient in mechanical manual standards and relevant design software;

4.Capable of completing design tasks independently, capable of leading a team in design and responsible for on-site installation guidance;

5.Minimum with 3 years working experience in mechanical design;

6.Bachelor degree or above (with professional title qualification certificate or special technical achievement also apply);

7.Good adaptability to the working environment, with a sense of responsibility, good communication skills, good at thinking, modest and eager to learn, good initiative, teamwork and good team spirit.


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Position:Mechanics & drillers & fitters

1.Able to understand the equipment assembly drawings;

2.Experienced in installation, repair and maintenance of standard or non-standard precision machinery;

3.Good installation and debugging ability for large and heavy machinery;

4.Good grinding ability for molds and mechanical parts;

5.Responsible for the daily maintenance of tools.

6.Have good adaptability to the working environment, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have good teamwork spirit, have high quality and sense of responsibility.


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Position:Riveters & welders

1.Able to read assembly welding drawings and use a variety of welding and cutting tools     

2.Proficient in welding technology application (including welding process and independent inspection)

3.Experience in welding of large mechanical equipment

4.Proficient in welding methods (gas shielded welding, argon arc welding, arc welding, submerged arc welding) 

5.Good adaptability to the working environment, practical and willing to work hard, hardworking, modest and studious, with good initiative, solidarity and cooperation, and good team spirit.


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Position:CNC latheman

1.CNC technology application (proficient in frank or Siemens operating system)

2.Years of working experience in operating various types of machining centers or CNC equipment

3.Able to complete simple numerical control programmingindependently 

4.Obey the arrangement of leaders and have a sense of responsibility

5.Pragmatic, hardworking, practical, modest, studious and enterprising

6.Recruit fresh graduates of numerical control major of professional technical college.


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Position:Technical manager

1.Years of CNC working experience and experience in manufacturing mold products.

2.Good at 3D drawings (proe, ug, Solid works, etc.) and mold technology.

3.College degree or above

4.Recruit fresh graduates from specialized technical colleges and universities.


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Position:Russian translator

1.Russian laguage as major,with good grammar skills, able to translate between Chinese and Russian assigned by the company.

2.Able to translate, reply to and file the company's Russian contracts, agreements and other documents independently;

3.Assist other departments to complete the necessary translation work.

4.To participate in business development and project implementation in russian-speaking areas if appropriate;

5.Good sense of teamwork, overseas study or exchange experience in Russian speaking countries, relevant work experience is preferred.

6.Good writing skills, good communication and coordination skills, proficient in WINDOWS, WORD, EXCEL and other office software.


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