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Russia international pipe show 2015

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Tube 2015 Russia was held in Russia Ruby Exhibition Center on the Moscow River from June 8 to 11. The exhibition started in 2001 and was sponsored by Dusseldorf exhibition company of Germany. It was supported by many international professional associations, including ITA, VDMA, European Association of metallurgical equipment, European Association of foundry equipment suppliers, etc. Tube Russia is the largest pipe and wire exhibition in Russia and the whole of Eastern Europe with large scale, strong professionalism, wide coverage and great influence. In the petrochemical, oil refining, gas transmission and other fields, Russia's large demand for steel pipes and fittings and the stable development of bilateral trade between China and Russia have provided a good market foundation for the pipeline installation industry represented by Shuangyou.

Time: June 8, 2015 ~ June 11, 2015

Venue: Moscow Ruby Exhibition Center

Location: 7.4 B04

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