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Become the Leader of Global Pipe-making Equipment Suppliers

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2017 New Year Party “Chinese year of golden Rooster reports good news to welcome New Year, SunYo ship travels a success ten-year trip”

On 31st Dec 2016 SunYo S&T held its first New Year Party at his own place. All the staff and many SunYo guests witnessed SunYo 2016 glorious achievements and received New Year wishes from SunYo.

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Boss Zhang Jianjun summarized 2016 SunYo development, thanked all the staff for their dedication in the past year and gave his best wishes to all these friends who always stand behind. In the end Boss makes a new clear development direction under the new market: stick to a market-oriented strategy on product, technology and service, and move towards specialization and industrialization, to realize our vision:” become the leader of global pipe-making suppliers”. Let SunYo spread his sails and catch the wind in 2017.

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Ten Year Journey, Ten Year Dedication, Keep Conscientious on the Duty, Stay True in the Mission.

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